Dear Patron: I Saw Sequentia!

Dear Patron,

Since you’re quite slow in finding me, I’ve had to take my education into my own hands. I went to see Sequentia this weekend, no thanks to you. Luckily, I had friends who were willing to put me up for the night. It was quite a long drive to get there. Considering the price of gas, it would have been cheaper to fly, but that might have complicated other matters.

The performance, you will be pleased to hear (or not hear, I know how it goes) was fabulous. I was lucky in that Mssrs. Bagby and Rodenkirchen were performing on a tall stage, so I was still able to see them. You see, the front two rows were reserved for patrons of the theater, so I had to sit further back, despite arriving an hour early when all of those seats were empty. I’ll bet you probably sponsor theaters, so if you were really concerned about my education like a patron ought to be, I probably would have been able to sit close enough to figure out what’s inside the symphonia. I was so excited to figure out what it is since the definition isn’t very helpful, but after 10 minutes of listening to Mr. Bagby crank it, I still couldn’t figure out what’s in the box.

Nevertheless, I had a fabulous evening. They performed “The Lay of the Last Survivor” from Beowulf and A fellr austan um eitrdala from Edda.I was finally able to see a performance from one of the greatest medieval music performers, and such an experience is priceless.



PS: I found out what’s in the box.

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