Dæȝ of Geek Mōde

þis sƿefn geeklinga

Ic mōdelicu eom þæt ic geek eom. Ic mōdelicu eom þæt ic blog in ȝereordum dēadena cann tō ƿrītan. Ic mōdelicu eom þæt ic sƿeord habbe, þæt ic Þā II Ƿrecendas þriƿa ȝeseah, and þæt ic ƿāt þæt Laufey sēo mōdor of Loki is and his fæder nis. Todæg, mīn frēondas, wē cyningas sindon!

I tried to translate this into Latin for those of you who aren’t studying Old English, but I’ve only made it through Chapter 8 of Wheelock, so I don’t know all of the necessary conjugations yet. Next year, amīcī meī!


Dæȝ of Geek Mōde — 5 Comments

  1. I can’t read OE fluently, but thanks to the most excellent writer of this blog I get the general idea of what is being said. Ic eom geek ac ic eom mōdig! Ic þe þancie Mægþ of Ƿ!

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