New Shirt: Ic Sprece Ealde Englisc

This will be my last new shirt design for a while. Here we go: “I Speak Old English.” (As always, if I’ve mistranslated, please let me know!)

The word “Englisc” is an adjective, but it is commonly used in OE to refer to the English language. With that said, declining an adjective to go with an adjective was tough. I declined “eald” in the neuter accusative since “Englisc” used as a noun referring to people is a neuter and “Engliscgereord,” the English language, is also a neuter. As always, my designer made this with the Book of Kells in mind, but she stuck to shades of gold rather than the vibrant hues found in Kells to highlight the importance of gold in Anglo-Saxon culture.

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