Made of Ƿ Celebrates 1 Year

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Happy birthday, Made of Ƿ! Today is the blog’s first anniversary. (Yes, there are older posts, but March 2 is when the blog went public.) In the first year, Made of Ƿ has had 100 posts, 242 comments, and over 19,000 visits. It’s earned 43 followers through WordPress, 50 followers on Twitter, and 157 Facebook likes. The store has even sold just enough items to pay for its own domain name.

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What’s Coming

Great new things are in store for Made of Ƿ. In a couple of weeks, I’ll (hopefully!) be bringing the blog to its own server. This means several things:

  • No more advertisements! Those strange video adverts at the bottom of posts will be going away and never coming back.
    • Exception: there will be a link to the Made of Ƿ store in the sidebar. However, since it’s my store and it won’t be the type of advert capable of loading malware (it’ll just be an image with a hyperlink), I assume everyone will be okay with it.
    • Exception: I’ll also be joining the Amazon Affiliates program. This means that there will be new links on book review pages. If you click on one of those links in order to buy the book on, Made of Ƿ will get a tiny kickback. These links will also be as non-annoying as possible and will allow greater integration of cover images in the post.
  • Snazzy new layout.
  • More consistent visual presence between the blog, store, and social media.More detailed information on store product availability.
  • While undergoing the transition to the new server, commenting will be temporarily disabled. This is to assure that no comments get lost in the transition. Facebook and Twitter will still be functioning during that time.

There are also new “Misuse of the Word ‘Medieval’” posts ready to go in the near future. The medieval theology series will continue as planned, and I’m searching for new topics for the “medieval anachronisms” series.

It's not a party without mead.

What do You Want?

What do you want to see from Made of Ƿ? More funny things? More memes? More book reviews? Fewer book reviews? More theology? Less theology? More posts in dead languages? Resources for learning dead languages? Let me know. The mission at Made of Ƿ has become the conquering of stereotypes, but a big priority is sending readers topics that interest them.

Thank you for a full year of support for Made of Ƿ. When I started this blog a year ago, I didn’t have a strong direction for it. I didn’t even know if it would be around a year later. Let’s hope that Made of Ƿ has a long and glorious future ahead of it!



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