Transition Complete!

The transition is complete! Made of Ƿ is now its own entity. WordPress’s Happiness Engineers have transferred all subscribers, so those of you who had previously subscribed to the blog should continue getting messages when a new post goes up. If you had previously subscribed to Made of Ƿ but didn’t see this post appear in your inbox as usual, you will need to resubscribe through the link on the right. Facebook and Twitter are unaffected by the transition.


The ads are gone (yay!) I have put a link to the Made of Ƿ store in the sidebar. It’s on a slow rotation for now, so let me know if the changing image is too distracting. Made of Ƿ is now officially a participation in the Amazon Affiliates program. This means that if you click on a link to Amazon and buy the book, Made of Ƿ gets a tiny kickback. These links will  appear only on review posts, so it should be obvious when a link will send you to Amazon through this program. I will not be putting additional advertisements in the sidebars (unless someone like Oxford University Press should pay me to advertise here…which is very, very unlikely).

Your regularly scheduled programming will continue next week with a new “Misuse of the Word ‘Medieval'” post.

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