Shirt Preview: I Am Overeducated

I Am Overeducated

I Am Overeducated

This idea is not new to T-shirt culture. There’s the famous “Si hoc legere potes, nimium eruditionis habes.” This translates more literally as “If you can read this, you have too much knowledge.”

I wanted something shorter and with a slightly different meaning. “Supereducata sum” translates more literally as “I am overlearned,” or perhaps “I am beyond educated.” My translation focuses on the being instead of the having, which seemed more appropriate since I’m going for humorous egotism. “Ego supereducata sum” would have been even more egotistical, but then it loses the alliteration.

To the Latin-speakers: would you suggest any alterations to the translation? I suspect I should be using ablative case with “super” (supereducatō and supereducatā) but I’m not certain if this is best since it’s not a construction requiring geographical location. Or is the whole thing just awkwardly literal? Are there enough people in the world both capable of and interested in reading this shirt to make us care?

The theme of this shirt is excess, so I wanted a design that was likewise overdone. I wanted something difficult (though not impossible) to read. Since Latin is a gendered language, I have a more masculine design for “supereducatus” and a more feminine design for “supereducata.” I recognize that the masculine design may appeal to gals and vice versa, so let me know if you want the red design with the feminine declension, the purple design with the masculine declension, or either in a different color.

Obviously, it is impossible to produce a linguistically accurate gender-neutral version of this shirt. The Latin neuter would not have been used for people when a statement of unspecified gender was needed. However, if you would like a shirt reading “supereducatum sum,” let me know and I’ll make it.  (If someone points out that I should be using ablative case, this solves the problem since masculine and neuter ablative are the same.)


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  1. Nominative for “supereducatus/a sum” is correct. “Supereducatus” is simply an adjective here. The phrase is not Classical, but that’s fine for a pun. It’s similar to the joke about “Rex verborum sum et supra grammatica” [I am the king of words and beyond grammar].

    Your Latin phrase (“Se hoc legere, scis nimium eruditionis habes”) is a bit off; it should read: ” Si hoc legere potes, nimium eruditionis habes.”

    • Thank you for your help!

      I’ve never heard the “king of words” joke before, but I love it.

      Corrections made with gratitude.
      Let it be known that “Se hoc legere, scis nimium eruditionis habes” isn’t mine. I did a search for “If you can read this, you’re overeducated” and used the most common result I found. Shame on me for simply trusting the internet because I did try and check the phrase, but when I didn’t completely understand the structure, I assumed the problem was my inexperience. (I hope this doesn’t sound like I think I would have translated it correctly had I tried myself; I probably would have made some other mistake.) Now we have the right phrase.

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