He’s Adopted


Hæbbe cearan: “Have care” translated literally (“care” in accusative case). I don’t think this really works in Old English, but this seemed a more recognizable way to translate the quote than to take a more roundabout “be cautious about”

hū: Like “hwæt,” not appropriate as a relative noun in OE, but rendered that way to make the quote recognizable.

þu sprecest: from “sprecan,” to speak, 2nd person indicative

beȝeondan rǣde: beyond reason/counsel

II diēīs: ablative of time (not duration)

LXXX hominēs: 80 people

necāvit: perfect active indicative, 3rd person, from “necō,” “murder, kill”

ȝeāgnede: from “ȝeāgnian,” “to own,” which seems to have primarily meant adoption in a spiritual/religious context, but it was the only option that seemed to work for the quote.

Photoshop doesn’t like ȝ in Impact, nor does it like ǣ.

Thor speaks OE and Black Widow speaks Latin. That one sort of actually does make sense.


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  1. It makes very much sense, especially for those who watched Iron Man 2. It is totally right in fact. For those who didn’t watch Iron Man 2: Natasha Romanoff speaks Latin. (What specific kind of Latin eludes me, though.)

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