You Lack Conviction


Periēs: from “pereō,” more literally “be destroyed,” but it seemed the best option since I couldn’t find a verb for “lose” that wasn’t more along the lines of “misplace,” 2nd person future

Periam: The original line was “I will,” but since Latin doesn’t use an auxiliary for the future, it can’t be translated word-for-word, so I rendered the same verb in 1st person future.

Perīre in naturā tuā est.: The original line said “It’s in your nature,” but using “ille” for “it” felt awkward here, so I used the infinitive as the subject.

Virī tuī: “Your heroes”; more literally “your men,” but Latin can use “vir” in both senses.

dispersī sunt: past nominative plural participle of “dispellō,” “disperse, drive away”

pugnaculum: “fortress”

volucer: “winged, able to fly”

ē coelō: “from the sky,” preposition with ablative case

concidit: from “concidō,” “fall down, drop,” 3rd person present

incommoditas: “disadvantage, misfortune”

Coargutionem: “conviction,” accusative case

caris: 2nd person present from “careō,” “lack, be without”

Nōn putō: “think, believe” (negative)

bombus: This word means a deep or booming sound, and it is the onomatopoeia used in Harrius Potter and Hobbitus Ille for such noises.

Even though Thor speaks OE, we decided that Loki would speak Latin.


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