Puny God


Satis: “enough”

Omnis vēstrī: partitive genitive, lit. “all of you”

sub mē: preposition with ablative of location

animal stolide: I decided that “animal” was appropriate because Loki means to call the Hulk a brute and not just a “thing which has been created.” I picked “stolidus” (here vocative case) rather than “stultus” because Loki means an obtuse, brutish creature, not a foolish one.

nōn opprimebor: negated form of “opprimō,” “press down, overthrow, crush,” future passive

dynt: OE; since “bombus” was acceptable in Latin, I’m using a nominative noun for OE onomatopoeia.

Unmihtiȝ: The best I could do for “puny” was “unmighty,” and though it doesn’t seem right, it was the only option given in my dictionary for “weak” and its synonyms.

The Hulk speaks OE because can you really imagine the Hulk speaking Latin?

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