Two New Store Items: Gingerbread Beowulf

I got my act together in time. The Made of Ƿ store now has its first holiday items! Greeting cards and shirts are available in the new holiday section. To make browsing easier, these items will not be cross-posted to men’s shirts/women’s shirts/print items; they will only be in the holiday section. Links to individual items are also included below.


Do a search for “gingerbread Viking” on Google and almost no results will appear. This is clearly a problem, so now Made of Ƿ has its first greeting card. A gingerbread Beowulf and Grendel are side-by-side on a cookie sheet. Grendel’s arm has broken off during the baking process. Clearly, Beowulf didn’t know that you’re supposed to bite the heads off first (thanks to my sister for that line). These cookies are obviously inaccurate since Beowulf faced Grendel unarmed and unarmored, but there’s no better way to render a gingerbread Anglo Saxon.

shirts only

Since this is a non-religious card, the inside is blank so that it can be used for a variety of holiday/celebration purposes. The cards come with envelopes and in various numbers, linked below individually since Cafepress does a poor job of labeling in their system. The cookie sheet in the image originally had an edge on it, but I couldn’t get it to line up properly with the limitations of Cafepress’s print-on-demand settings, so this should be a safer option. The version with the edge is for shirts only. I have not yet received my first printing of this card. Order at your own risk and check the preview images carefully. I’ll post photos when my card arrives; hopefully it will print as expected.

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oscytte_preview“O scytte…” is probably what Grendel was thinking when Beowulf ripped his arm off. This is the same Grendel cookie as in the other image, but this time, he has a carefully-iced word bubble expressing his frustration. As with the cards, I am still awaiting my printing to arrive, but since I’ve seen plenty of Cafepress’s shirts, I expect that this one will print exactly as expected. I’ll post photos of this shirt when mine arrives.

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