Þing Cnihtas Doþ Þe We Lufiaþ 4: Prisoners

þingas4In all of Arthurian literature, but particularly in some of the French works, knights demonstrate their love for their ladies by capturing prisoners in the name of their ladies and sending them as proof of the deed. This is almost always Lancelot and Guinevere. These are rarely prisoners of war—either they are captured during a tournament melee and are not in any real danger, or they are evil men who were defeated on an adventure. If they fall into the latter category, sending them to Guinevere assures that their evil deeds will be halted, and once they reach Guinevere, they have been thoroughly humbled and are probably convinced to reform their lives. Still, the sending of prisoners is a sign of twoo wuv. Picture is from Wikimedia Commons.

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