Þing Cnihtas Doþ Þe We Lufiaþ 6: …really?

þingas6There are several adventures where Lancelot must cross the Sword Bridge. The Sword Bridge is exactly what it sounds like—an enormous sword that spans a river. I’ve always thought that this was a bizarre adventure. This is always coupled with Sir Gawain crossing the Water Bridge, but there’s a long history of the Water Bridge being a French misunderstanding of a crannog, which some scholars have said refers to a partially submerged, winding bridge that is secure for those who know its path and deadly to invaders, who will easily misstep and fall off.

The only explanation for the Sword Bridge I’ve ever found goes like this: “DUDE!! Let’s add a bridge that’s a GIANT SWORD!!! It’ll be TOTALLY KEWL!!!1!11!!!” To make this story more spectacular, Lance always decides he needs to remove his mail gloves before crossing. This assures that he’ll sustain some serious, unnecessary injuries to make him seem even more valiant and, presumably, make Gwen value the risk he took even more. I’ve always thought that this is a spectacularly bad idea.

Maybe Lancelot is afraid that his mail gloves would dull the Sword Bridge. Perhaps he was planning to take it with him and audition for Final Fantasy. That’s the only possible explanation I’ve found. Meme image is from Wikimedia Commons.

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