Þing Cnihtas Doþ Þe We Lufiaþ 7: Ransom

þingas7This has always been one of my favorite stories from Jean de Joinville’s memoirs. I actually like this story, so I don’t intend this meme in a mocking way. When Louis IX was captured on the Crusades, a price was set for his ransom. When his captors demanded assurance that the ransom would be paid, Louis IX kept telling them “cool it—you’re gonna have to write to my wife in France.” After going through this conversation several times, Louis IX’s frustrated captors finally demanded to know why the king couldn’t assure his own ransom would be paid. His response? “My wife is the boss when I’m gone, and she might not want me back.” Luckily, she did.

Image is from Wikimedia Commons.


Þing Cnihtas Doþ Þe We Lufiaþ 7: Ransom — 1 Comment

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