Meh Thranduil

ThranduilAs soon as The Hobbit came out on DVD, I thought that the internet would be flooded with Meh Thranduil memes. Click to see the meme since the full strip would interrupt the main page too much.

MehThranduilThese disasters were chosen because they were the first to come to mind while making this meme and I could find suitable images on Wikimedia Commons. There are plenty of disasters more disastrous than these, but I didn’t think of them at the time.

panel 1: Thranduil.
panel 2: Death of Harold Godwinson on the Bayeux Tapestry.
panel 3: Edward III counts the dead on the Battlefield of Crécy.
panel 4: Martyrdom of Thomas Becket.
panel 5: Battle at Antioch. I intended this panel to refer to the Siege of Antioch in 1268, but Wikimedia Commons had no images for that battle, so the actual image is from the Siege of Antioch in 1097.
panel 6: Death of King Arthur.
panel 7: Thranduil says “meh.”

This meme is rather unfair to Thranduil, I think. I expect that Peter Jackson et al. have put far more planning into this event than mere apathy. I sure hope they have.

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