Día de los Muertos (medieval style)

Happy Día de los Muertos to everyone! (The amount of “happy” varies depending on how your area celebrates this day, but in my area, it’s a pretty festive occasion.) Yesterday, the British Library sent out a list of suggestions for last-minute Halloween costumes based on medieval manuscripts. Here’s what I came up with:

Sugar skull makeup: black eye sockets, blue flower on chin and forehead, purple flowers and vines on cheeks
The clothing is from the 4th picture on the British Library’s page. The flowers are from various ms pages throughout that post. Sugar skulls often have black eye sockets, but some costumers will blend a color in the eye socket, which I did since royal blue dominates many of these manuscript images. As soon as I had taken the pictures and washed my face, I realized I had forgotten to add the centers to the purple flowers. Darn. I wanted to add the text from the third manuscript picture, “Memento homo quod sinis es et in sinere reverteris,” but the face took 2 hours, so I didn’t have the patience to try transferring text.


Pan de Muerto with hot chocolate

pan de muerto with hot chocolate (no, I don’t know what shape the bread is supposed to be; I didn’t ask when I bought it)

I hope everyone had a good Halloween, and if you’re celebrating today, I hope you’re enjoying your celebrations as well.

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