Women in the Days of the Cathedrals

Régine Pernoud is my favorite medieval historian. She is best known for her writings about Joan of Arc and has received an award from the Académie française for her scholarship. She has worked as a curator for the Museum of … Continue reading

Knights: In History and Legend

Today, I’m taking a break from reviews on scholarly editions to do a review of a book that I bought solely for the pretty pictures. Knights: In History and Legend by Constance Brittain Bouchard has 283 pages of marvelous photographs … Continue reading

Why We’ll Never Have a Decent Beowulf Movie

The answer to this question came while I was reading Sherlock Holmes and Philosophy. In comparing the original descriptions of Holmes with modern interpretations, Rachel Michaels comes to the conclusion that Holmes is portrayed as a high-functioning sociopath with increasing … Continue reading

Beowulf: Gē dōþ hit yfele. (Translation Notes)

Beowulf: You’re doing it wrong. “Gē”  is the second person plural. “Dōþ” is the second person plural conjugation of the verb “dōn,” “to do.” OE does not have a separate  conjugation for progressive tense, nor does it use an auxiliary … Continue reading

Robin Hood and Other Outlaw Tales

Robin Hood and Other Outlaw Tales, edited by Stephen Knight and Thomas Ohlgren, is one of my favorite medieval literature volumes. Technically speaking, this isn’t a volume of medieval literature, as most of the stories in it were written after … Continue reading

You want a good Beowulf movie? Watch The Two Towers.

Dear Patron, Last Wednesday, a colleague invited me to give his students a lecture on the cultural and religious background of Beowulf. I came into the lecture prepared for the possibility that they had all watched the movie instead of … Continue reading

Beowulf: Facsimile of British Museum MS. Cotton Vitellius A xv with a transliteration (Early English Text Society)

This Beowulf facsimile is worth the cost for any serious Anglo-Saxon scholar. I would advise anyone interested to do whatever it takes to save up for a copy—sell your organs for quick cash, charge freshmen exorbitant prices to write their … Continue reading

The Earliest English Poems: A Bilingual Edition

Ah, what I haven’t endured for this little book! I first found The Earliest English Poems: A Bilingual Edition by Michael Alexander when wandering through the university library during my first year of graduate school. I fell in love the … Continue reading