Costumes for Medievalists: Anglo-Saxon Dress

Seeing people running around the Renaissance faires in horned helmets and furry loincloths doesn’t make me weep for the historical inaccuracy, but when I see someone in an accurate Viking costume, it makes me really happy. I’ve seen a couple … Continue reading

Fools Are Everywhere: The Court Jester around the World by Beatrice K. Otto

When I set out to review Danny Kaye’s The Court Jester, I realized that though I could comment thoroughly on clothes, knights, and courtly behavior, I could not comment on whether the depiction of a court jester was truly accurate. … Continue reading

Thranduil and the Fisher King: Thorin and Perceval?

If Thranduil is the Fisher King and the Arkenstone is the Grail, that would make Thorin Perceval. It could work. The Grail quest is of a story type called “Frustrated Redemption,” characterized by “the presence of two protagonists: a youth … Continue reading

Thranduil and the Fisher King: A Need for Healing

I thought the most interesting part of Marthe’s article was the speculation that Thranduil is in need of healing. The Fisher King is eternally injured, sometimes through others’ actions, sometimes through his own carelessness. Is Thranduil injured? Within the confines … Continue reading

Thranduil and the Fisher King: The Grail

Of all the characters in The Hobbit, I have been most interested to see what will be done with Thranduil. In an article in Empire Magazine, Lee Pace said that two inspirations for the character were Oberon and the Fisher … Continue reading