Misuse of the Word “Medieval”: Women Are Baby Machines

This article’s title requires immediate explanation. I once read a statement that most medieval women never experienced a period because they were pregnant from the first moment possible, and what with pregnancies, miscarriages, and breastfeeding, they were pretty much doing … Continue reading

English Weapons and Warfare: 449–1660, by A.V.B. Norman and Don Pottinger

I love this book. A dear friend loaned it to me when I first began researching Arthurian literature. Three years later, when I asked him “Can I borrow your awesome book on English armor? I think it’s brown. Or maybe … Continue reading

The Historical Accuracy of Permastubble in the Middle Ages

Permastubble seems to be the standard male fashion for much media set in the Middle Ages. It’s certainly the standard in the BBC Robin Hood and Merlin, two more recent medieval adaptations, and TV Tropes says it’s standard for an … Continue reading