Phrases for International Talk Like a Pirate Day

1. Why is the rum gone? Quare plus rhōmium non est? Forhwȳ is þis rom ȝegān? 2. I’ve got a jar of dirt! Cadum spurcaminis teneō! Ic hæbbe croccan of meoxe! 3. Bring me the horizon! Horizonum mē fer! Bring … Continue reading

Shirt Preview: I Am Overeducated

This idea is not new to T-shirt culture. There’s the famous “Si hoc legere potes, nimium eruditionis habes.” This translates more literally as “If you can read this, you have too much knowledge.” I wanted something shorter and with a … Continue reading

Surprised Medievalist Cat on the Importance of Macrons

Except macrons are always optional. In the 6th edition of Wheelock’s Latin, says on page 226, “Years ago some pundit wrote (demonstrating the importance of macrons), mālō malō malō mālō, I’d rather be in an apple tree than a bad … Continue reading

The Historical Accuracy of Permastubble in the Middle Ages

Permastubble seems to be the standard male fashion for much media set in the Middle Ages. It’s certainly the standard in the BBC Robin Hood and Merlin, two more recent medieval adaptations, and TV Tropes says it’s standard for an … Continue reading