Now Available: On þysse nihte, wē drincaþ fram hēafodbollum ūrena andsacena!

Now available on shirts, bags, and a journal! Click here to go to the full page. The links below will take you to those individual items. Cafepress is having some issues with section thumbnails, so please excuse some temporary inconsistencies … Continue reading

Shirt Preview: On þysse nihte, wē drincaþ fram hēafodbollum ūrena andsacena!

I already have a few people requesting this design, so before it goes into production, I want to give you all a chance to give input. Is it translated correctly? Do you like the layout? Do you like the colors? … Continue reading

Creation of the Dwarves

It’s only fitting to celebrate the release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey by providing you with Tolkien’s source both for the nature of the Dwarves and their names: the Old Norse Poetic Edda. There are a couple different versions … Continue reading

Anglo-Saxon Keyboard Layouts

Many of my hits on this blog come from people searching for OE keyboard layouts. If you need to type in Old English, you have a few options. Once you’ve selected your keyboard layout, I would recommend making a keyboard … Continue reading

New Shirt: Ic Sprece Ealde Englisc

This will be my last new shirt design for a while. Here we go: “I Speak Old English.” (As always, if I’ve mistranslated, please let me know!) The word “Englisc” is an adjective, but it is commonly used in OE … Continue reading

Flān tō Þām Cnēowe

EDIT: Many thanks to Nelson for helping me revise. Any remaining mistakes are my responsibility. I was a hero, then I took an arrow to the knee. Ic/æðeling: “Adventurer” is a French word, so I had a difficult time translating … Continue reading

Ic Habbe Sƿeord (Habeō Ferrum)

Ic mīnne byrd-dæȝ nolde reccan, ac ic sceal. On mīn byrd-dæȝe, mīnum sƿeostor mē ȝeaf ƿundorlīc sƿeord. Þæt sƿeord is ȝelīcnes of sƿeorde Þēodnes in Þām II Torrum. Sƿeord hatte Herugrim. Ic nāt hƿæt tō secganne, ac þæt hit scīr … Continue reading