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The Made of Ƿ store is on CafePress, but you can preview the images below with descriptions in modern English (and Old English for linguistics geeks). I hope to translate everything into Latin once I’m competent enough in the language. Clicking on a title will take you to  the Made of Ƿ store section for that design; clicking on a photo will take you to a larger version.


  • A gold, red, and azure beast and its stream of fire are twined around the word “æþeling,” an Old English word which can be translated as “hero,” “prince,” or simply “a noble person.” I intended this to be my “guy shirt” since it features a simple color scheme and no flowery bits, but I’ve also made it available in women’s clothing.
  • Golde, rēade, ond blǣhƿene dēor and his fȳr ymblicgaþ þæt ƿord “æþeling.” Þis Ealde Englisce word is “hæleþ,” “þēoden,” oððe “æðela mann.” Þēos is mīnne “ƿeres ƿǣde” forðǣm þe hēo hæfþ ānfealde blēo ond ne hæfþ blōtsman, ac hēo is ealsƿā on ƿǣdum ƿīfa.
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Definitions of Beowulf

  • “Beowulf” as a dictionary definition defined with several of the major titles used to refer to Beowulf in the poem: “Ecgtheow’s son,” “warrior of the Shieldings,” “daring in a fight,” “wise and strong-minded,” “prince,” and “man of the world of kings mildest and most gracious, gentlest to his people and most eager for fame.”
  • Sēo ƿǣd hæfþ Beoƿulfes naman innan þǣm lēoðe
  • Find it in the store!

Ic Sprece Ealde Englisc

  • Declare your linguistic skills to all you see, particularly those who may have questioned your major: “I speak Old English.” The “I” in “Ic” is illuminated with two beasts biting the edges of the letter.
  • Āsege þīn cræft ȝereordes ǣgehƿǣm, sƿīðost hƿā twēogaþ þīn leornunge: “Ic sprece Ealde Englisc.” On þām “I” in “Ic,” tƿā dēor bitaþ þā stæfes ecge.
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Keep Calm and Fight On

  • A parody of the popular “keep calm and carry on,” this shirt features a slogan more appropriate to Anglo-Saxons: “keep calm and fight on,” with the Sutton Hoo helmet in place of a crown.
  • Sēo hyrst is ȝelīce þæt lēof “ƿes smylte ond þurhƿune,” ac þæt Angelcynn betera understandaþ þās ƿord. Sēo hyrst hæfþ helm on lōh of bēage.
  • Find it in the store!

Made of Ƿ (Knotwork)

  • The “Made of Ƿ” shirt features elaborate knotwork in green, gold, blue, and red inspired by the Book of Kells. The large Ƿ features a small “wynn” at its edge for those who don’t get the joke.
  • Sēo “Made of Ƿ” ƿǣd hæfþ micelan cnottan grēnan, goldan, blǣhƿenan, and rēadan ȝelīce Bōc Kellsum. Þæt micele Ƿ hæfþ lytele “wynn” onemn his ecge.
  • Find it in the store!

Made of Ƿ (Plain)

  • This “made of ƿ” is a simple black and white design for those who want to focus on the joke.
  • Þis “made of ƿ” is ānfealdan blæcan ond hƿītan hyrst.
  • Find it in the store!

Medievalist and Future Medievalist

On þysse nihte, wē drincaþ fram hēafodbollum ūrena andsacena!

  • madeofwynn_tonightwedrinkOne of the awesome things about Old English is that this shirt can be translated as “Tonight, we drink from the skulls of our enemies!” or as “Tonight, we will drink from the skulls of our enemies!” The difference depends on intention and whether the shirt was donned in the morning or evening. I’ve not used a form of sculan, willan, or the subjunctive here because this shirt doesn’t express a desire or possible condition. You only put on this shirt if you have a Klingon’s certainty that the mead will be flowing. The sharp contrast between the visuals and the translation is intended to be humorous.
  • Find it in the store!

Supereducatus/a Sum

  • overeducated_preview“You can read Latin and Old English and Old French? You’re obviously overeducated.” Many consider the medievalist’s work to be proof of someone with a useless degree which, despite its uselessness, required much effort. If you’re reading this page, you probably beg to differ. Sometimes I’m proud to declare myself overeducated. That’s why the theme of this shirt is excess—the typefaces are overdone and difficult to read (though not impossible) and the message is egotistical.
  • Find it in the store!

Since cats make everything better on the internet, behold pictures of Made of Ƿ shirts with kittens.


I dropped my mousie!

I am a master of advertising.


Professor Shawn hangs out with medievalists.

Shawn and Gus were purring, despite their apparent lack of interest.


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