Two New Store Items: Gingerbread Beowulf

I got my act together in time. The Made of Ƿ store now has its first holiday items! Greeting cards and shirts are available in the new holiday section. To make browsing easier, these items will not be cross-posted to … Continue reading

Why We’ll Never Have a Decent Beowulf Movie

The answer to this question came while I was reading Sherlock Holmes and Philosophy. In comparing the original descriptions of Holmes with modern interpretations, Rachel Michaels comes to the conclusion that Holmes is portrayed as a high-functioning sociopath with increasing … Continue reading

Beowulf: Gē dōþ hit yfele. (Translation Notes)

Beowulf: You’re doing it wrong. “Gē”  is the second person plural. “Dōþ” is the second person plural conjugation of the verb “dōn,” “to do.” OE does not have a separate  conjugation for progressive tense, nor does it use an auxiliary … Continue reading

You want a good Beowulf movie? Watch The Two Towers.

Dear Patron, Last Wednesday, a colleague invited me to give his students a lecture on the cultural and religious background of Beowulf. I came into the lecture prepared for the possibility that they had all watched the movie instead of … Continue reading

Beowulf: Facsimile of British Museum MS. Cotton Vitellius A xv with a transliteration (Early English Text Society)

This Beowulf facsimile is worth the cost for any serious Anglo-Saxon scholar. I would advise anyone interested to do whatever it takes to save up for a copy—sell your organs for quick cash, charge freshmen exorbitant prices to write their … Continue reading