Two New Store Items: Gingerbread Beowulf

I got my act together in time. The Made of Ƿ store now has its first holiday items! Greeting cards and shirts are available in the new holiday section. To make browsing easier, these items will not be cross-posted to … Continue reading

On Þissum Dæȝe of Crīstes Byrde (Festō Natalis Christī)

Mīn dēoran rǣderes, bēoþ ȝē hāle on þissum dæȝe of Crīstes byrde. Bēoþ ȝē ȝesunde innan heallum cyninga ond bliðe mid cynnum. Ȝefēoþ ymb Godes sunu, ūre goldƿine ond þeodcyning, ealdorþeȝn ond ƿinedrihten. Se hlāford of eallum bierhþ ūre sāwlum … Continue reading

Medieval Christmas: Secular Fun

Carols Carols, today, mean “songs that are sung at Christmas.” During the Middle Ages, a carol meant a ring dance accompanied by a song. [1] These were often done at Christmas, but they were not exclusively Christmas fare. It’s tempting … Continue reading

Medieval Christmas: Religious Preparation

What did Christmas look like in the Middle Ages? There are plenty of movies depicting medieval Christmases, such as The Lion in Winter, but they tend to depict modern practices that are familiar to the viewer. Conventions varied greatly according … Continue reading