Thranduil and the Fisher King: The Grail

Of all the characters in The Hobbit, I have been most interested to see what will be done with Thranduil. In an article in Empire Magazine, Lee Pace said that two inspirations for the character were Oberon and the Fisher … Continue reading

Ic Habbe Sƿeord (Habeō Ferrum)

Ic mīnne byrd-dæȝ nolde reccan, ac ic sceal. On mīn byrd-dæȝe, mīnum sƿeostor mē ȝeaf ƿundorlīc sƿeord. Þæt sƿeord is ȝelīcnes of sƿeorde Þēodnes in Þām II Torrum. Sƿeord hatte Herugrim. Ic nāt hƿæt tō secganne, ac þæt hit scīr … Continue reading

You want a good Beowulf movie? Watch The Two Towers.

Dear Patron, Last Wednesday, a colleague invited me to give his students a lecture on the cultural and religious background of Beowulf. I came into the lecture prepared for the possibility that they had all watched the movie instead of … Continue reading