Þingas Cnihtas Do Þe We Lufiaþ 1: Hair Restoration

To celebrate finals week, I’m doing a week of memes. That’s right, you get a whole week of these things! This week, I’m parodying Things Boys Do We Love with medieval and Anglo Saxon sarcasm. … Continue reading

Phrases for International Talk Like a Pirate Day

1. Why is the rum gone? Quare plus rhōmium non est? Forhwȳ is þis rom ȝegān? 2. I’ve got a jar of dirt! Cadum spurcaminis teneō! Ic hæbbe croccan of meoxe! 3. Bring me the horizon! Horizonum mē fer! Bring … Continue reading

Now Available: On þysse nihte, wē drincaþ fram hēafodbollum ūrena andsacena!

Now available on shirts, bags, and a journal! Click here to go to the full page. The links below will take you to those individual items. Cafepress is having some issues with section thumbnails, so please excuse some temporary inconsistencies … Continue reading

Shirt Preview: On þysse nihte, wē drincaþ fram hēafodbollum ūrena andsacena!

I already have a few people requesting this design, so before it goes into production, I want to give you all a chance to give input. Is it translated correctly? Do you like the layout? Do you like the colors? … Continue reading

Answer Key: A Guide to Old English Practice Sentences (Mitchell/Robinson)

Since I’ve had users searching for this, here are my translations for the practice sentences in the 7th edition of Bruce Mitchell and Fred C. Robinson’s A Guide to Old English. This is not an answer key provided by the … Continue reading

On Þissum Dæȝe of Crīstes Byrde (Festō Natalis Christī)

Mīn dēoran rǣderes, bēoþ ȝē hāle on þissum dæȝe of Crīstes byrde. Bēoþ ȝē ȝesunde innan heallum cyninga ond bliðe mid cynnum. Ȝefēoþ ymb Godes sunu, ūre goldƿine ond þeodcyning, ealdorþeȝn ond ƿinedrihten. Se hlāford of eallum bierhþ ūre sāwlum … Continue reading

Anglo-Saxon Keyboard Layouts

Many of my hits on this blog come from people searching for OE keyboard layouts. If you need to type in Old English, you have a few options. Once you’ve selected your keyboard layout, I would recommend making a keyboard … Continue reading

Flān tō Þām Cnēowe

EDIT: Many thanks to Nelson for helping me revise. Any remaining mistakes are my responsibility. I was a hero, then I took an arrow to the knee. Ic/æðeling: “Adventurer” is a French word, so I had a difficult time translating … Continue reading

New Merchandise, and Why One Should Never Translate Old English with Insomnia

A popular math joke on the internet has the punch line “don’t drink and derive.” I’ve been trying to come up with a joke that would work with a similar punch line: “Don’t translate with insomnia.” No success yet. I … Continue reading

The Made of Ƿ store is now open!

The Made of Ƿ store is now open at http://www.cafepress.com/madeofwynn! Right now I have designs in Old English, and I’ll be posting designs in Latin and other medieval/English major designs in the future. You can preview all designs by clicking … Continue reading