The Crusaders: The Struggle for the Holy Land by Régine Pernoud

Since Régine Pernoud is one of my favorite historians, I was bound to get to this book eventually. The Crusaders is, like every other book of hers, well-researched and a fabulous piece on its topic. The Crusaders is different from … Continue reading

Misuse of the Word “Medieval”: Women

One of most common statement about women in the Middle Ages is that they were “just property” and “lowly servants.” This statement ignores the accomplishments, achievements, and duties of the medieval woman. It encourages the idea that before the 1960s, … Continue reading

Those Terrible Middle Ages: Debunking the Myths

I wish that I had discovered Those Terrible Middle Ages by Régine Pernoud at the beginning of my graduate school career rather than a few weeks before graduation. Since beginning my studies, I suspected that the average person had a … Continue reading

Women in the Days of the Cathedrals

Régine Pernoud is my favorite medieval historian. She is best known for her writings about Joan of Arc and has received an award from the Académie française for her scholarship. She has worked as a curator for the Museum of … Continue reading