Ic Habbe Sƿeord (Habeō Ferrum)

Ic mīnne byrd-dæȝ nolde reccan, ac ic sceal. On mīn byrd-dæȝe, mīnum sƿeostor mē ȝeaf ƿundorlīc sƿeord. Þæt sƿeord is ȝelīcnes of sƿeorde Þēodnes in Þām II Torrum. Sƿeord hatte Herugrim. Ic nāt hƿæt tō secganne, ac þæt hit scīr … Continue reading

You want a good Beowulf movie? Watch The Two Towers.

Dear Patron, Last Wednesday, a colleague invited me to give his students a lecture on the cultural and religious background of Beowulf. I came into the lecture prepared for the possibility that they had all watched the movie instead of … Continue reading